The only CloudKit Plugin written with AppleArcade in mind

Access the full power of the CloudKit native API from Unity. Works seemlessly on iOS, TVOS, and MacOS


Some of the things you can do with the HovelHouse Plugin (that you can't do in other's)

  • Batch operations
  • Record metadata, like the last modified time, or the ServerChangeTag
  • Atomic operations
  • Use callbacks on a per-operation basis
  • Database notifications
  • Custom record zones and containers

...and lots lots more


The plugin is simply thin wrapper over the native API.

Write in a natural apple-style way. Function calls and parameters are mirrored as closely as possible to their Objective-C counterparts.


id record = [[CKRecord alloc] initWithRecordType:"@Vinyl"];
id database = [[CKContainer defaultContainer] privateCloudDatabase];
[database saveRecord:record completionHandler:OnRecordSaved];


var record = new CKRecord("Vinyl");
var database = CKContainer.DefaultContainer().PrivateCloudDatabase;
database.SaveRecord(record, OnRecordSaved);

Take it out for a spin! See the Setup Guide to get started.